Mon CV

Hello let's get acquainted!

My name is Olga Shishova, I am a designer, artist, woman, mother and widow.

Experience in design since childhood.
Ballet, music school, cooking, decor and rules at the table, art school, horses, tailoring for friends and interior for the joy of parents in the house.
Then 2 institutes. Architect / designer / landscape designer / stylist / graphic artist / artist ....
Active, organized, attentive, creative. Artistic ideas for small reactors,
✔️Winner in Estonia 3 tenders for designers
1. To the American President of the Avenue Bank. Built in a historic building 2 floors
2. According to that year, the richest (Delfi) woman in Estonia. New house on old
3. Nursing home in Ida-Virumaa
✔️Participated in exhibitions of her designer clothes in Estonia. This was written and talked about in the media. Prizes Won
✔️I have 4 awards for my house as the most beautiful house and garden from the local government
✔️I have 1 award from the Prime Minister of Estonia for the most beautiful, eco-friendly house in our area, and a beautiful garden.
✔️FAZENDA magazine has an article with photos about my house
✔️ Led a team of 34 builders on the project. Vela Architectural supervision (the biggest project for me)
✔️Recognized by professors as the best student of the year. My works have been in the electronic environment for a long time, as samples for students.
✔️Many years of experience in marketing of such companies as ASERI TELLIS, WIENERBERGER, MAXIT, OPTIROC, LODE
✔️Professional in golden ratio, feng shui and colors.
✔️Professional interior designer, I provide training and consultations on archery.
✔️Minimum 8 years experience in design. Professionally, from 22 years and above. Diploma in design since 2007.
✔️I have been drawing since childhood, and still do.
✔️Digital graphic and 3D art since 2009
✔️ Minus. I don't know how to work in a team, but I don't mind.
Sometimes I write and speak with dyslexic errors.

Olga Shyshova/Olga Sosova